Now there are several online gambling games that can quickly cause gameplay problems. All have in common namely easy and easy access via the Internet. Whether it’s online versions of classic gambling games, like poker and roulette, or newer opportunity games based on computer and board games, the focus is always on using real money.


Online poker has become a mass phenomenon. Meanwhile, many internet offers have been made, where people from all over the world compete with each other and try their luck. Its popularity, however, belies that online poker can be a big problem for players.

Anytime and supposedly fast money

This is related to its accessibility and very easy operation. Whether at home or while traveling, anyone who wants to be able to sit at any time of the day or night with a few mouse clicks on the virtual poker table. And with credit cards or direct debit payments become a small problem. People who dream of “fast money” or those who ultimately want to return to profitability are at risk of being spontaneous and not thinking at the moment.

Quick decision

An additional risk with online poker is the speed of the game. This means that players are constantly under pressure because of the constantly new rounds of play, which means that they often take a long time to free themselves from the virtual game table. Affirmed by initial success and to increase the sensation, many players are also at risk. Because game decisions often have to be made in seconds, there are also special risks to playing and losing in a hurry.

Panic increases risk

In this way, there is a risk of large losses accumulated in a short time even though the stakes are low. As a rule, players react increasingly frantically and try to return to profitability through risky play. This often ends with more setbacks.

Small skills, lots of coincidence

Many players also exaggerate their playing skills, which often makes them continue to play in the face of catastrophic results to restore the game through their “skills”. However, poker is largely dependent on chance, so the outcome of the game cannot be predicted.

Anonymously and leave alone

Another problem with online poker is its anonymity. So the players usually sit alone in front of the PC and therefore do not need to justify themselves to anyone. This can also cause games that are out of control (and therefore problematic).


Either “Golden Palace”, “Grand Mondial” or “Royal Vegas”: Even the names of many online casinos can expect an exclusive gaming atmosphere. However, virtual casinos usually have nothing to do with real casinos and game houses and their entire gaming environment is simulated only by software, people forget when they look at a very well-designed page pretty quickly. The only thing that is not simulated in online casinos is the amount of money. And this can be arranged very easily anytime or late with a few mouse clicks.

Unwittingly losing money

This has the potential for high addiction in the Dewatogel gambling online gambling game , because for many players it has a huge appeal, “fast enough” to put a few euros into a virtual machine. In addition, because cash is not a direct game, but all transactions are electronic, they often lose the sense of how much money is actually being spent.

A quick round shows lots of chances to win

The risk of searching for casino games is also due to the fact that payments follow one another very quickly and thus expectations, excitement and disappointment change in seconds. This change in collection of emotions causes many players to become increasingly focused on the game. Affirmed by initial success, and to increase the sensation, this is always risky. And if a lot of money is at stake, many players begin to pursue their losses through increasingly high stakes.

Anonymously and leave alone

Because playing on the Internet usually runs anonymously, no one pays attention to how high someone was before. While players at casinos may or may not be in tune with other participants or even handled by staff, they are fully left to their own devices at internet casinos.

Online casino: High search risk!

People who play online casinos are at higher risk for developing uncontrolled gaming behavior.

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